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Comparing stainless steel surfaces: which is the right one?

Influence of sulfur on the weldability of stainless steel

What does the Ra value tell us about the quality of a surface?

Cleaning methods of stainless steel surfaces and their differences

Manufacturing processes of stainless steels and what influence they have on the final product

Delta Ferrite: meaning, impact and reduction in stainless steel


Tight as a weld seam


New Dockweiler ZeroCon® connection combines the advantages of a weld seam with detachability

Vacuum Insulated Pipes

Vacuum Insulated Pipes, also known as VIP or SIVL, is used to transfer liquefied gasses against extreme low heat losses. This rigid pipe in combination with a slim design results in an ideal and attractive alternative for non-insulated or conventional insulated piping.

Demaco - It's all about cryogenius

Why do business with Steriflow Valve?

Steriflow Valve's Jorlon Diaphragm

New manual diaphragm valve type 905 made by SED Flow Control

Product information Contact-Free Limit Switch 024.50 made by SED Flow Control

Stainless Steel Process Flow Equipment Specialist

Cost effective solutions without compromising quality.

Our History

Flowquipt was founded in 2012 to serve the local market with high quality stainless steel flow components. The company name was derived from the words flow equipment. In close co-orporation with our technology partners, we thrive to become a competent supplier in…..

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