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With their high-quality surface, Finetron tubes and fittings are ideal for the transport of pure gases. They are available in bright finish or anodically cleaned inner surfaces. The anodically cleaned surface is free of oil and grease according to CGA G-4.1-2004. We guarantee the best weldability by means of welding tests.

Finally, the tubes and fittings are individually cleaned with a suitable cleaning medium, capped and sealed in robust foil.


  • 1.4404
  • 1.4435
  • UNS 31603 (316L)
  • Imperial (1/4” to 6″ / 6.35 mm to 152.40 mm)
  • Pipe NPS Schedule 10S (219.08 mm to 323.85 mm)
  • Metric (3.00 mm to 35.00 mm)
  • On request: ISO (13.50 mm to 219.10 mm)
  • Seamless or welded tubes and fittings depending on diameter
  • Bright finished and anodically cleaned:​​
    Ra ≤ 0.40 µm (16 µin), from 3″ Ra ≤ 0.60 µm (24 µin)
  • Outer Surfaces Ra ≤ 1.00 µm (40 µin



Finetron is suitable for the transport of pure media, in the semiconductor industry and photovoltaics, for instance. Applications include:


  • Production of pure chemicals for the manufacture of sensitive electronic components.
  • Media supply in the manufacturing process of semiconductor products such as processors, storage media and LEDs.
  • Supply of sensitive measuring instruments in the field of analytics.