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Weldtron is the dockweiler universal product for the transport of liquids. The pipes and fittings are available in metallic or electropolished versions. They comply with the hygiene classes H3 to HE3 according to DIN 11866/11865/11864.

For optimum weldability, Weldtron attaches particular importance to the composition of the enamel. This is proven by welding tests and guaranteed.

After the inner surfaces have been cleaned, the pipes and fittings are capped and welded in sturdy foil.


  • UNS S31603 (316L) / 1.4435 acc. Basel Standard 2 (BN2) with a ferrite content in the base material,
    Longitudinal seam ≤ 0.5%, except forgings ≤ 3%
  • UNS S31603 (316L) / 1.4404
  • UNS S31603 (316L)
  • UNS N08904 / 1.4539 (904L)
  • Imperial (1/4 “to 6” /6.35 mm to 152.40 mm)
  • ISO (DN 8 to DN 150)
  • Metric (DN 4 to DN 150)
  • Seamless or welded austenitic pipes and fittings depending on the diameter
  • Metal blank: Ra ≤ 0.80 μm (32 μin) / H3*
  • Electropolished: Ra ≤ 0.60 μm (24μin) / HE3*


* Hygenic class acc. to DIN 11866 / 11865 / 11864

bright finish Ra ≤ 0,80 µm
anodic clean Ra ≤ 0,80 µm
electropolished Ra ≤ 0,60 µm


outer surfaces Ra ≤ 1.00 μm (40 μin)





Weldtron can be used in all production processes in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical as well as in the cosmetics and food industries.

The narrow tolerances and the tested good welding properties guarantee a quick and easy installation. So you save both, time and money.

Dockweiler offers connections in accordance with the specification of tubes and fittings, as e.g. the clamp connection according to DIN 32676 and the aseptic connection according to DIN 11864. They are available in the following versions: clamp, srew and flange connection.